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SD 9 Map

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Early Vote Information

Permanent Early Vote Center Locations in Senate District 9
Saturday, October 20th through Friday, November 2nd
The Gramercy , Event Tent in Parking Lot 9265
W. Russell Rd., West of CC-215, Las Vegas

Oct. 20-Nov. 1 (Saturday-Thursday): 9am-7pm 
Nov. 2 (Last Friday): 9am-8pm

CLICK HERE for a full list of permanent and temporary Early Vote locations and schedule.

Election Day Information

Election Day Vote Center Locations in Senate District 9
Tuesday, November 6, 2018, 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM


CANARELLI, LAWR. AND HEIDI MIDDLE SCHOOL, 7808 S. Torrey Pines Drive, Las Vegas 89139
DESERT OASIS HIGH SCHOOL, 6600 W. Erie Avenue, Las Vegas 89141
FAISS, WILBUR AND THERESA MIDDLE SCHOOL, 9525 W. Maule Avenue, Las Vegas 89148
FERTITTA, FRANK AND VICTORIA MIDDLE SCHOOL, 9905 W. Mesa Vista Avenue, Las Vegas 89148
FINE, MARK L. ELEMENTARY, 6635 Cougar Avenue, Las Vegas 89139
FORBUSS, ROBERT L. ELEMENTARY, 8601 S. Grand Canyon Drive, Las Vegas 89148
GOOD SAMARITAN LUTHERAN CHURCH, 8425 W. Windmill Lane, Las Vegas 89113
GOOLSBY, JUDY AND JOHN ELEMENTARY, 11175 W. Desert Inn Road, Las Vegas 89135
JONES, BLACKHURST ELEMENTARY, 11141 S. Pioneer Way, Las Vegas 89179
LAWRENCE, CLIFFORD JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL, 4410 S. Juliano Road, Las Vegas 89147
ROGERS, LUCILLE ELEMENTARY, 5535 S. Riley Street, Las Vegas 89148
STUCKEY, EVELYN ELEMENTARY, 4905 Chartan Avenue, Las Vegas 89141
WRIGHT, WILLIAM V. ELEMENTARY, 8425 Bob Fisk Avenue, Las Vegas 89178

On Election Day, go to to find a link to an interactive, mobile device enabled Vote Center map that will help you find nearby sites and their approximate wait times.

CLICK HERE to view full list of Election Day vote center locations.

Election Day Vote Center Map

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