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Melanie is a product of Nevada’s K-12 public education system.  A graduate of Reno High School, Melanie was able to go on to Stanford to earn her undergraduate degree and Columbia Law School to earn her Juris Doctor because of the education she received in Nevada’s public schools. Melanie wants to ensure that kids today are given the same opportunities she had growing up here so that they graduate prepared to enter the workforce or go on to college.


Melanie knows that having a world class public education system starts with making sure our schools are properly funded. That’s why Melanie voted for the largest education budgets in state history in both legislative sessions in which she served, including more than a $500 million increase to per pupil spending in 2021.   ​

Melanie believes that a strong, early childhood education is critical to our students’ future success.  That’s why she voted to triple investments in Pre-K and supports making sure that all of Nevada’s children have access to full-day kindergarten so that we can jumpstart their success in the classroom.

Melanie also believes that so much of our students’ success is dependent on having the best teachers in our classrooms. Melanie comes from a family of teachers and she wants to ensure that Nevada attracts and retains the best and brightest to educate our kids.  She voted to give teachers state-wide a much deserved pay raise and doubled the amount teachers can be reimbursed for classroom supplies.


In addition to raising teacher pay, Melanie directed $327 million to cap the ratio of students to teachers so that our students are receiving the individualized attention they need to be successful.  

Melanie wants every student in our state to graduate high school ready for a career or for college.  She believes that investing in STEM education and supporting students who learn differently is the key to making sure all of our students are prepared to compete for good-paying jobs or get accepted to college.

After high school graduation, Melanie believes it is vital that our students have a pathway to success.  Melanie understands that college isn’t for everyone, which is why she voted to invest in more career and technical training schools and workforce development programs.  

For those students who do choose to pursue a college degree, Melanie wants to make sure that they don’t graduate saddled with crippling debt, that’s why she supported the Student Loan Bill of rights. Melanie then went on to increase the number of Guinn Millennium scholarships recipients and expanded eligibility for the Nevada Promise Scholarship so more Nevada students can afford college. 

Melanie credits the education she received in Nevada for her ability to go on and become a successful prosecutor right here in Clark County.  Melanie will always fight for funding and programs that ensure our students have access to a world class education.

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