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Melanie believes access to quality, affordable health care is a right, not a privilege.  Melanie isn’t afraid to take on big insurance companies driving up our health care costs and big pharmaceutical companies making our medications so expensive. Melanie will work to lower the cost of health care and create more transparency in drug company pricing.  


Melanie will protect Nevada families insurance coverage and make sure we never go back to allowing insurance companies to deny coverage for pre-existing conditions or place lifetime caps on health insurance coverage.


Melanie believes women’s health care decisions are personal, and between her, her doctor, and her family.

Melanie is committed to keeping extremists out of the doctor’s office.  She will fight back against any politician that wants to limit or restrict women’s access to health care.

Melanie supports expanding women’s access to critical, preventative cancer screenings, like mammograms, that save so many lives.  Melanie will also relentlessly pursue policies that increase access to multiple, affordable methods of birth control, and supports legislation from the 2017 session that allows women to pick up a 12-month supply at once.


Melanie will work to protect our families from special interests and reign in the cost of health care because she believes that affordable, quality health care should be accessible to all Nevadans.