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Melanie grew up right here in Nevada.  She has proudly served in the State Senate since 2018.  She is the product of Nevada’s K-12 public education system and is a graduate of Reno High School.  She received her B.A. in Public Policy from Stanford University with Honors.  After working for two years as a policy analyst, Melanie attended Columbia Law School, where she received her juris doctor, as a Public Interest Fellow.

During law school, Melanie worked with Federal Administrative Law judges as a mediator in employment discrimination cases.  She also assisted in the pro bono representation of clients in civil rights litigation.  Before returning to Nevada after law school, Melanie spent time in Kampala, Uganda doing legal work for the nonprofit human rights group Chapter Four. She worked to promote public health, advocate for the LGBT community, and combat corruption.

Melanie returned to Nevada to pursue a career in public service and began her work at the Clark County DA’s office where she has prosecuted more than 1000 felony cases in six years. 

Meanie Scheible for Nevada Senate

As a prosecutor, Melanie works with victims from every part of our community and understands how the law touches their lives. She works hard to hold violent offenders responsible, and supports universal background checks on gun purchases.

Melanie has prosecuted complex gun cases, sexual assaults, and murders. She is one of the first attorneys to charge a “revenge porn” case under the statute enacted by the 2015 Nevada Legislature.


In addition, Melanie works in partnership with the drug court, veterans court, and community court programs.  Melanie understands that the best way to reduce crime is to prevent it from happening. That is why she supports policies that create more job training, substance abuse treatment, and after school programs for our communities.  

Melanie is an active member of the Las Vegas community and a member of the Silver State Equality Board of Advisors.  Melanie cohabitates with a calico cat named Harriet.

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